Siping Fine Chemicals

Corporate profile:


Siping Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 in Jilin Province, it is the first high-tech enterprise that integrates technology, production and trade. It is also the base of fine chemical production focusing on research and development, and pharmaceutical Intermediates. In 2000, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. In 2001, it has been awarded high-tech enterprises in Jilin Province. In 2007, it was included in the national “second batch of pilot enterprises of innovation” unit. Siping Fine Chemicals has now become an international R & D and production base for pharmaceutical intermediates.


The company now has 8 production workshops, and 6 main products which are high tech and developed with independent intellectual property rights. Products are now exported to the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries.

The company currently has existing staff of 500 people, among which 120 are technicians and have a college education or above, 52 people are mid-level officers (including 30 senior engineers, 3 professors). The full range of scientific and technological personnel who specialize in information collection, technology development, engineering design, testing etc. enable the company in a continuing leading position in R&D and the commercialization of research findings.