Siping Fine Chemicals



Professor Liang Xue , Graduated from Dalian University of Technology in Fine Chemical, is the founder of Siping Fine Chemicals Ltd. He is currently chairman of the board & general manager as well as Distinguished Lecturer at Jilin Normal University. Liang Xue, who has served as the group leader, director, deputy director of Institute director, has more than years of experience in R & D, production and sales of fine chemicals. He made ​​a number of valuable scientific researches in science and technology, and has hosted and participated in 12 research projects of which nine projects are in internationally leading position, seven projects have been granted national invention patent. In addition, Xue also has a wealth of experience in building engineering and has participated in the design and construction of a number of production workshops.

Liang Xue has been awarded labour model of Jilin Province in 1999; young experts with outstanding contributions to Jilin Province 2002, the same year he was awarded the outstanding private technology entrepreneurs in Jilin Province. In 2004, he was awarded the Jilin Province innovative top-notch talent and outstanding private technology entrepreneurs in the same year. Xue has been approved to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council in 2004; the second Business Pioneer of Jilin Province in 2005, and has been elected as Jilin Province deputies in 2007.